The Bosch Digital office in Sofia

Welcome to Bosch Digital Sofia

Welcome to Bosch Digital Sofia

Bosch.IO Sofia meeting space

Our Sofia office in Bulgaria is the result of a large-scale project, realized mainly by small agile teams of associates. The associates themselves shaped their own future working environment, where they now develop one-of-a-kind IoT solutions. It has state-of-the art equipment and furniture, spacious meeting rooms, fully functional kitchens, a play area equipped with game consoles, and quiet relaxation rooms. Innovative working concepts allow for a high level of focus on digital collaboration with customers and colleagues.

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A versatile place for IoT innovations

The location has many meeting rooms of different sizes, with all the facilities needed for face-to-face dialog as well as remote conferencing. The big conference room is often used to host tech meetups and client meetings. It is ideal for workshops and professional presentations. Each meeting room is decorated in a different color to avoid confusion.

Our office is much more than a place of work. Our kitchen also often serves as an informal venue for bringing together the Bulgarian IoT community and facilitating knowledge sharing and interactive discussions.

All of this is accompanied by a fun gaming area, quiet relaxation and reading rooms, and chill corners on all floors. Hopping onto the swing seats in the kitchen is one of our favorite things to do!

Bosch.IO Sofia canteen

A team of experts to support your successful IoT business

Bosch.IO Sofia meeting spot

Some 200 associates work in our Sofia office on key components of our Bosch IoT Suite as well as a variety of customer projects. We host a number of developer, QA, customer support and technical documentation teams as well as other industry experts.

Our employees are frequently onsite to work with customers on their IoT projects, either as technical advisors or as project managers.

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The IoT driver in the region

Our Sofia office hosts in-house events for different IT communities. We bring together experts and enthusiasts with an interest in the IoT world. We regularly attend the biggest IT events in the region, both as participants and guests, share our expertise by giving presentations at conferences and workshops, and show our exciting technology in fun demos at our booths.

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